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The Roman Catholic Parish of
St. Christopher and St. Margaret Mary
Staten Island, New York   10306
A Pray to See God in Youth Sports
We pray for young athletes ...
Who, through sports, develop important values
such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship and

We pray for coaches ...
Who appreciate the gifts of all players
and have respect for the game,
who place players before winning
and value sportsmanship.

We pray for parents ...
Who love their children for who they are,
not for how they perform.

We pray for officials ...
Who inspire fair play and
protect the integrity of the game and players.

O God, we pray for all
who participate in game ...
May their heart be open to see your presence
in and through sports;
May their minds remember the element of fun
reflective of your spirit;

May their bodies reflect the gracefulness and
wonder of your creation.
Let all who play the games be enriched by your
presence in the gym, locker room and on the


(Ed Hastings; CYO, Diocese of Rochester)
Lord God, we thank you for bring us together
today and ask that you watch over and
guide us:

Bless the athletes ...
help them to learn and use
their talents to the fullest and remain

Bless the coaches...
help them to teach these
young athletes that game and about being
good Christians.

Bless the officials ...
help them to do their best
to enforce the rules and remain fair
at all times.

And bless the spectators ...
help them to be
considerate of all players, all coaches, all
officials and one another.

Thank you for giving all of us the
opportunity to put our faith into action today.


(CYO, Diocese of Rochester)
Pre-Game Prayer
Gracious God,
We thank you for this time together,
For these two teams,
For the health to be here,
For the thrill of a sporting event,
For individuals learning to play as a team,
For minds and bodies prepared by
practice to play an excellent game.

Grant each team the grace to play their best,
To exercise good sportsmanship and fair play
And to realize that win, lise or tie,
We are all children of the same God.


(CYO, Diocese of Rochester)
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