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The Roman Catholic Parish of
St. Christopher and St. Margaret Mary
Staten Island, New York   10306
Coordinator  .....  Terry Warner, Parish Office (718) 351-2452
All children, ages 8-16, boys and girls are welcome.
They meet weekly on Sundays after the 9:15am Mass in the
Community Center.
WHAT IS The Junior Legion of Mary?
Perhaps you have never heard of it. Many have heard of the Legion of Mary but may know very little
about the Junior Legion. If you knew more about the Junior Legion, you might view it differently.

The Junior Legion is an organization for the spiritual development of persons under 18 years of age.
Here at St. Chriastopher and St. Margaret Mary we welcome all children, boys and girls, 8 - 16.
Sometimes the Junior Legion of Mary may have a subdivision, which many refer to as the "Intermediate
Legion" for ages 13 to 18 years of age. (Universities and Seminaries have groups, too for the college
age students. These are considered Senior Legion of Mary adult groups.) All Legion of Mary groups,
both Senior and Junior,  are all run basically the same, with the exception of the works, which are
maturity- and age-appropriate.

In all younger-aged groups, the president --and at times the vice-president -- are experienced Senior
Legion of Mary members (adult members). Each group which is called a praesidium, is run under the
guidance of a spiritual director, who is usually a priest or deacon, or in some cases a religious
(consecrated) Brother or Sister.

Primarily, the purpose is to train and spiritualize the young members. In a short time they will take
their place as lay apostles of Christ doing the work as Senior Legion of Mary members.

Junior Legion of Mary praesidia can be found throughout the entire world. Young members of the
Junior Legion have suffered persecution and even death for their faith in some countries.

What does The Junior Legion of Mary Do?
Each member must do at least one hour of work each week. This work is assigned at the weekly
meeting which all members must attend. Junior Legion Praesidia have been found to be valuable in
the work that they do in parishes. Junior Legionaries may teach catechism to young children, visit the
sick and elderly, contact grade and high school pupils in their homes, and supervise younger children.
Intermediate Legionaries may also work doing crowd contact work, such as distributing sacramentals
or Catholic literature at fairs, bazaars, parades and other places alongside Senior Legionaries.

In addition many are engaged in helping their parish priests and other workers doing all sorts of things.
Work at home also must be done in addition to the weekly assignment. The Spirit of Mary working for
the Holy Family at Nazareth should be preserved by each member in the work at home.

 Junior Legion of Mary
Information & Ideas for Legion of Mary Junior & Intermediate Praesidia ~
Morning Star Curia Raleigh, NC