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The Roman Catholic Parish of
St. Christopher and St. Margaret Mary
Staten Island, New York   10306
The Coaches' Code of Conduct
The Player's Code of Conduct
The Parent's Code of Conduct
Anyone who needs to report an alleged incident of sexual abuse of a minor by priest, deacon, religious or lay person serving the
Archdiocese of New York is asked to contact:
Sister Eileen Clifford, OP at 212-371-1000 x 2949 or
Deacon Lawrence O'Toole at 914-594-4646.
Both may also be reached via e-mail at victimassistance@archny.org Information can also be found on the Archdiocesan policy
regarding sexual abuse of minors, this information is provided to ensure that our children remain safe and secure.

training is mandatory for any adult who volunteers or works with children and who has not yet attended one. Any other adults who are
interested in learning more about helping to keep our children safe are also welcome.
To register to on-line VIRTUS classes click:
 www.ny-archdiocese.org/virtus.  Follow the link to
"Virtus - Protecting God's Children"; and click on the <Register> button.  Please read and follow the instruction.  To register by phone,
call: 212-371-1011, ext. 2814.

For more information, visit the
Archdiocese of New York -  Safe Environment Program.
The coach as an influence.
Whether you’re a new coach or a veteran of coaching, you, as a coach, have the potential to exercise enormous influence
on young people.  How you treat them, the way you speak to them, and the manner in which you conduct your team’s
environment leaves an impression.  The messages you convey should be intended to stimulate young people and help them
make the most of their opportunities. These messages should strive to exert a positive influence about values, attitude, and

Sports is about having fun.
The event should be made fun, as well as the wining/losing aspects of the event. Each participant must be helped to develop confidence
in making a valuable contribution to the team. Each player plays an important role on the team. The fun comes from being prepared to
go into competition, and give your fullest to the outcome. This is whether a player starts, sits the bench, or doesn't compete in that event.
When the team wins, everyone should enjoy the celebration and should show good sportsmanship and dignity to you opponent.  In losing,
the team should congratulate each of their teammates. As well as showing good sportsmanship to their winning opponent. Never let it be
said, that St. Margaret Mary team’s does not show dignity and graciousness in losing or winning.

Using sports to build character and teach values.
We’ve all heard it before…sports build character. Well if the coach provides the appropriate setting, sports can teach and instill character
and values. Coaches, supplement the daily role of the parents/guardian, teachers, and religious, in the youth’s attainment of these values.  
These values have a much greater chance to be carried over into real life if they are presented in a caring, cultivating environment in all activities.

Coaches’ Agenda for Parent/Player Meeting.
Besides the programs parents meeting (optional), coaches should make their job easier, by inviting all parents and players to a mandatory
meeting before the season begins. Agenda for this meeting:
1.   Open with a moment of silence or pray
2.   Explain the mission of the Sports Program
3.   Details of this year’s practice schedule and if available game schedules.
4.   Explanation of rules governing missed practice or games.
5.   Coaches’ roles and responsibilities.
6.   Parents’ roles and responsibilities
7.   Expectations of player.
8.   Address questions/answers/concerns
9.   Closing moment of silence or pray.
10. Optional Social Time.
Paraphrased and taken in part from
Coaching Catholic: Gospel Values in Youth Sports by Rev. Richard J. McGrath.
The CYO Parent's Contract
The Archdiocese of NY CYO Code of Conduct