At the March 27th, 2014 meeting of the Staten Island Vicariate, the subject of substance abuse
on Staten Island was the principle topic.  Congressman Michael Grimm, Adrienne Abbate
(Project Director, Tackling Youth Substance Abuse) and Luke Nosta (Director, Camelot)
made presentations on the serious abuse problem on Staten Island:
-  The epidemic is very real.
-  Every 5 days someone on Staten Island dies.
-  More Staten Islanders die from drugs than car accidents and shootings.
-  Tottenville has the highest rates on the Island.
-  Denial is a big problem,  The mentally on Staten Island is: “not in my neighborhood”.
-  Kids hide access from family. Good kids who don’t get into trouble are involved.  
-  The addicted are advancing to heroin because it is cheaper, more available and potent.
-  There is a correlation between the number of prescriptions written and the number of drug uses
on the Island.
- Clearly communicate the risks of alcohol and drug use.
- Let your child know you disapprove of any drinking or drug use.  
Kids who believe their parents will be upset if they try drugs are 43 percent less likely to do so.
- Use teachable moments to talk about drinking and using drugs.
- Frequently talk and listen to your kids about how things are going in their lives.
- Know WHO your child is with.
- Know WHAT they're doing.
- Know WHERE your child will be.
- Know WHEN your child is expected home.
- Know who your teen's friends are - communicate with their parents.
- Establish and enforce rules - including a clear "no use" policy.
Spot alcohol and drug use
-  Here are five changes to watch for ...
o  Declining school work and grades.
o Abrupt changes in friends, groups or behavior.
o Sleeping habits and abnormal health issues.
o Deteriorating relationships with family.
o Less openness and honesty.
- Be aware of special vulnerabilities.
What to do when you spot alcohol and drug use
- Focus, you can do this.
- Don't panic, but act right away.
- Start talking.
- Let your child know you are concerned.
- Communicate your disapproval.
- Set limits, rules and consequences.
- Monitor - look for evidence, make lists, keep track.
- Get outside/professional help - you don't have to do this alone.
Take action and learn more
- Talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and using drugs.
- Monitor your kids whereabouts.
- Connect with other parents.
- Learn more about preventing teen drinking and drug use - go to
Island resources and information
- - TYSA Main Site.
- - The TYSA Parent Resource page offers localized Staten Island resources
and information.
- - Partnership at DrugFree Main Site.
- - The Parent Tool Kit offers videos & articles on how to talk with your kids at any age.
- 855-DRUGFREE (855-378-4373) is a bilingual English/Spanish, toll-free telephone helpline dedicated to helping
parents and families.
Learn more at:
-  An additional resource site is
It provides pertinent information related to drug rehab programs in Staten Island, NY.
This resource is recommended by the Alcohol Awareness Council (; November 17, 2014.

For a printable copy of all the distributed material from the meeting, please click here.
These are Adobe pdf files:
SIPCW Drug Chart
SIPCW Fact Sheet
TYSA Treatment Resource Guide
TYSAYouth Council
TYSA Parent Workshop Request Form

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Here are other sites, those challenged
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These sites provide pertinent information
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