Coordinator:  Mrs. Barbara Regan, CRE
560 Lincoln Avenue, 10306        (718) 351-2119

With great joy, we welcome our children enrolled in the Religious Education program.  
We want to tell them that Jesus Himself is calling them to learn more about Him and His
great love for them.  He said, “Let the children come to me.”  We pray that God imparts
His blessing upon our Religious Education children - upon each and everyone of them.  
May they stay close to God.  

We want to thank their parents for their interest in and concern for the Christian upbringing of their children.  
On the day of their child’s baptism, they were told that “they are the first teachers of their child in the ways of
faith.”  We ask the parents to nurture at home whatever Christian education their children learn in the Religious

We also ask them to come with their children to Sunday Mass and join the faith-community of St. Christopher and
St. Margaret Mary’s in worship.  Coming to Sunday worship is one of the best ways of affirming and sustaining
the Christian formation of the children.  Remember the wise saying:  “The Family that prays together, stays together.”

A word about our Catechists whose generosity of volunteer service is most admirable.  They should be called the
“evangelizers of the young” by their zeal and devotion to teach the children the gospel of Jesus and the doctrines
of His Church.  Under Mrs. Barbara Regan, CRE as  Coordinator, our Religious Education program has our full support
and that of the whole parish.  God bless!"


                  IT'S TIME TO REGISTER
                   for the 2019-2020 Religious Education classes
which begin on Sunday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 11th


2019-2020 Registration
Classes for the 2019-2020 semester are held at St. Margaret Mary’s Dongan Hall classrooms (lower level of the Church).  
We accept children who have already been baptized from Grade 1 to Grade 8.
Levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 will meet on Wednesdays from 3:30pm - 5:00pm.
Levels 2, 4 and 6 will meet on Sundays from 9:00am - 10:30am.
All Levels are required to attend Sunday Mass.

1st Penance is made in level 2, 1st Communion in level 2 and Confirmation in level 8.  
Our program is a continuing education program which builds on each previous year’s
curriculum; therefore, it is important that students remain in the program throughout.

For those who have reached the age of 7 and have not been baptized or have reached
Grade 4 and have no religious education we have a separate program for them.

For additional information and/or a tour of the facilities, please contact Mrs. Barbara Regan, CRE
at (718) 351-2119 or via e-mail:

    General Registration Information Memorandum and
    Registration Memorandum To New Students

2019-2020 Forms:
 2019-2020 Student Registration and Emergency Forms

2019-2020 Schedules:
 2019-2020 Sunday and Wednesday Class Schedule

2019-2020 Registration Fee:
If you Register:
       1 Child        2 Children        3+ Children
4/28 - 5/31                   $160                $205                   $250
6/1 - 7/31                     $175                $225                   $275
After 7/31                   $200                $250                   $300
Additional Fee for: Level 2 Class (1st Communion) … $100 and Level 8 Class (Confirmation) … $125
  1. This includes the Book Fee.
  2. All fees are due the first week of August. Down payment of $30 is required upon registration.

Those needing to set up a payment schedule please contact Mrs. Barbara Regan at (718) 351-2119.

2019-2020 Classes Start:
Religious Education Sunday classes start on September 8th.  The Wednesday Classes begin on September 11th.

It is encouraged that all students and families attend the Sunday, September 1st, 10:30am Mass at St. Margaret Mary
to celebrate Catechetical Sunday and meet your child's teacher (Catechist).
Classes will be held in
St. Margaret Mary’s Dongan Hall Classrooms (lower level of the Church).


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Information
Any adult seeking information about the Catholic Faith please <click> here or
contact Mrs. Barbara Regan, CRE at (718) 351-2119 or via e-mail:
Our RCIA classes are on Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Dongan Hall Meeting Room (lower level of the church).
Please use the rear door, via the parking lot.


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ANNOUNCEMENT (3/17/2020):
All Religious Education classes
are cancelled until April 20th, 2020.

Mrs. Barbara Regan, CRE will be sending out
information on how parents can help
their children learn their faith shortly.