Core Team
Rev. Joseph M. McLafferty, Pastor
St. Christopher:  Elena Brady, Joseph Madory and Carolyn Volpicello
St. Margaret Mary:  Joe Funk, Bill Owens, Barbara Regan and Peggy Rybarczyk

Making All Things New Update; June 28th, 2015
I want to update you on a few things.  I know many of you have been patiently waiting for the
opening of the Mass Book for 2016 to reserve Masses.  I had hoped to open it in July, but I
need to wait on a directive from the Archdiocese concerning Mass scheduling that is being sent
out to parishes affected by the mergers.  As a result, I am postponing the opening of the Mass
Book to September 30 - October 2 for reservations for Masses.   I  have been  in  discussion
with  our Implementation/Transition Team about this topic, and will announce the new schedule
well before the September 30th date.

The Implementation/Transition Team is the group that is assisting with issues related to bringing
together St. Christopher and St. Margaret Mary.  The Team consists of the same members that
were on the Core Teams from the start of the “Making All Things New” process:  Elena Brady,
Joseph Funk, Joseph Madory, Bill Owens, Barbara Regan, Peggy Rybarczyk, Carolyn
Volpicello and myself.  Other  members  may  be added as we move forward.   This Team  will
also reach out to parishioners to help with certain issues that need to be addressed, i.e. mass
schedule, religious education programs, use of buildings, parish records, office space,
maintenance of grounds, website and bulletin, etc. Thank you for your attention to these matters,
and I will keep you posted.  We pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom and as we pray
from the “Making All Things New” prayer: “God our Father, help us learn new ways to
strengthen and revitalize our parish community and to be good stewards of  the spiritual and
material gifts that sustain them.  Bless our work, so that our parish may continue to witness to
the truth of the Gospel, and be a sign of Your love for all people.”


Archdiocese Decree; May 8th, 2015
St. Margaret Mary Church will remain open.  However, the Cardinal has decided to merge the
two parishes of St. Margaret Mary and St. Christopher, effective August 1, 2015.
St. Christopher Church will be the main parish church and the  Churches will now be considered
one parish, to share priests, with one pastor.  There will be one parish staff, one parish council,
one set of sacramental records, one financial account, one group of Trustees, and a developing
process of working more closely together in common apostolates, activities and organizations.

Daily and weekend Masses will continue to be said at St. Margaret Mary.  All the sacraments
and funeral Masses will  continue to be celebrated at St. Margaret Mary’s as well.  When you
think about it, in reality, we have been doing a good portion of this already under the inspired
leadership of Father Joe.  

Many of the details are yet to be worked out.  Father Joe will be meeting with the Trustees,
parish councils and staff to  insure both Churches concerns are addressed.  We, the parishioners
of St. Margaret Mary thank Father Joe for all that he has done and have complete confidence in
his decision making.  We will do everything possible to support Father Joe and make this a
smooth transition.  We ask for your patience and prays as we proceed in this process.


St. Margaret Mary's Town Hall Meeting; May 18th, 2015
Father Joe  addressed an audience of approximately 60 parishioners at St. Margaret Mary
on Monday evening, May 18th, at a Town Hall Meeting regarding
Making All Things New.

Many topics and concerns were discussed, including:
-   Parish identity.
-  The need for an Implementation Team.
-  The Appeal made by the Trustees and Finance
Committee with the backing of the Parish Council.
-  Mass schedules.
-  Religious Education.
-  Office/Administration.
-  Communications; web sites and Bulletins.
-  Parish organizations and groups.

Questions from the audience covered:
-   Olympia Activity Center.
-  Collections.
-  Convent Sale/Rental.
-  St. Christopher’s parishioner reaction.
-  Father Joe’s status as Pastor/Administrator.

Click here for the Town Hall Meeting details.


Frequently Asked Questions
The Archdiocese of New York has issued a Making All Things New - Implementation of
Parish Mergers, Most Frequently Asked Questions
document dated January, 2015.  
To keep all parishioners current as we progress through the Program, we have provided this
7 page document for your viewing and/or printing -
click here.
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